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All of the  Theory exams from Level 5 and up,  will be completed online at You must have a proctor attend your final exam for the colleges and high schools  to accept the exam as credits. 

The RCM Exam Proctor information is listed below.  Proctor fee is $75.00 per exam and must be paid directly to the protor via Zelle using her phone number. 

You must schedule the Final Zoom Exam with the Proctor, not Ms. Kathleen. However, once you have scheduled your Theory exam with the Proctor you need to notify Ms. Kathleen of the date with the following information. Ms. Kathleen must fill out a proctor form on the conservatory website prior to your exam. This form must be completed before you take your exam. It will be too late to fill it out after you have taken your exam. 

Send to Ms. Kathleen after you schedule your exam with Ms. Engasser:

Student Name:

Theory Exam Name:

Scheduled Exam Date and Time:

Student Address:

Student City, State and Zip

Parents Cell Number:

Parents Email address: 

These are all of the exams you will need to complete online: Theory Level 5, 6, 7 and 8,  History Levels 9 and 10, Harmony Levels 9 and 10.


Theory Zoom Room ID:    398 982 7890   Password: 1977


Ms. Lori Engasser - Broward Schools Employee 

Cell: (954) 629-0198


Proctor Fee Per Exam: $75.00.  Paid directly to Ms. Engasser via Zelle using her phone number.